Professional Truck Driver Interview: Tim Larue

Roane Transportation truck driver, Tim Larue, holding up a fish after catching it.

In continuing our professional truck driver interview series, we spoke with Tim Larue to talk about landing your first truck driving job, what it’s like to drive, the differences between driving a flatbed and doing LTL driving, and life in general. Tim is one of several local drivers for Roane Transportation, and so he only delivers loads in the Greater Knoxville area. Still, Tim has a wealth of information about driving a truck professionally.

Coolest Truck Stops in America

Two semi trucks hauling flatbeds sitting at a truck stop

Professional drivers value the simple things from their truck stops—clean restrooms and shower facilities, ample parking, and great food they can’t get anywhere else.  Moreover, while these amenities will always be in high demand, there are other more unique features of a truck stop that give it that little something extra that makes us want to come back. As busy interstate exits become more and more corporatized, the beloved “mom and pop,” independent truck stops appear to be in decline in 2019. These independent truck stops have lost ground to the newer, shinier truck stops run by corporate chains, but have instituted various attractions and amenities to set themselves apart. We’ve searched high and low to go over the top and bring you the coolest truck stops in America.

Interview with Roane Employee: Jesse Nelson

Roane Transportation's head of the parts room, Jesse Nelson, and his wife Ashley who works for partner company Roane Metals.

Roane Transportation is known for its transportation services throughout the Southeast and country-wide.  Their fleet consists of almost 100 Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks and keeping those trucks on the road is a vital part of the everyday operations within the company.  Our latest interviewee was with Jesse Nelson, the Head of the Parts Room.  Jesse is tasked with ensuring that mechanics have the parts they need to keep Roane’s tractor trailers on the road.  We spent a few moments talking with Mr. Nelson, gathered insight on his work day and family life, and here is what we learned.

Interview with a Driver: Jason Shelton

Trucker drivers in America ensure that all the goods consumers enjoy arrive at the right place at the right time. Few people understand this symbiotic relationship better than Jason Shelton, a professional driver who drives over-the-road, and who is also tasked with making sure that the men of the University of Tennessee have all their equipment for every home game. We caught up with Jason on his way to deliver a load in South Point, OH, to talk to him about his career as a professional driver and what he likes best about driving at Roane Transportation.

Difference Between National, Regional, and Local Trucking

Man driving a semitruck

For individuals who are just beginning their trucking careers or for those who aren’t professional drivers, trucking industry lingo can be somewhat bemusing. One of the more confusing aspects that this article aims to clear up is the difference between national, regional, and local trucking and to clarify the different names associated with each form of truck driving work.

Self-Driving Trucks Won’t Eliminate Truck Driving Jobs

heavy traffic on a busy interstate

The fear of advances in technology taking over human jobs dates back to the 18th century when workers secretly destroyed looms and other factory machinery. Workers during the first and second industrial revolutions were of the impression that automated equipment threatened the jobs and livelihoods of skilled workers. While it is true that some posts did fall by the wayside, many more jobs were either created or transformed into something different entirely while also improving living conditions for hundreds of thousands of people.

Human Resources: Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Michele Main

Human Resources worker Michele Main with her Husband

Maintaining successful business operations involves several factors being taken into consideration all at once. Oftentimes office personnel who work behind the scenes work diligently to ensure the details of the company mission and vision are in order. One of those roles includes Human Resources, and more specifically the duties of payroll and benefits. Without these, it would be impossible to sustain employees. And not many people do their human resources, payroll, and benefits job with as much heart as Michele Main, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator at Roane Transportation who exemplifies what it means to have love for your work.

Healthy Truckers: Maintaining Adequate Amounts of Sleep While on the Road

Top of a ringing alarm clock

The adage, “drive when you have to, sleep when you can,’ used to run through the trucking industry. However, the risk of driving drowsy is very dangerous and poses a threat to everyone on the road. It is even against the law for a trucker to drive longer than required hours to prevent fatigue. Getting enough quality sleep ensures safety and well-being for all while driving a tractor-trailer for long hours. Therefore, maintaining a routine is important and below we offer some ways to maintain adequate sleep while driving long hours at a time.