Are you a CDL driver who is looking for something to do while you’re making shipments this Labor Day? Are you trying to beat the homesickness that comes with being away from the traditional rituals of a long weekend? Here at Roane Transportation, we believe that nothing quite captures the American Spirit better than being out on the open road, exploring this great country. But if you’re still looking for a place to celebrate, whether you’re by yourself, with a friend, or with a significant other, we have 5 amazing truck stops to visit this Labor Day weekend to make the most of your time out on the road this holiday. 

1: Iowa-80 (Walcott, IA) 

Iowa-80 is at the top of our list for obvious reasons. With over 900 parking spots and a sea of 5000 customers flooding in to visit every day, it would make sense why Iowa-80 is the world’s largest and most famous truck stop in the US. But if that isn’t enough to convince you, maybe its variety of available services will. CDL drivers love to stop at Iowa-80 because the truck stop offers just about everything: from haircuts to custom engraving to dentist appointments. Not to mention, there’s also a semi automotive parts store where you can shop while you’re visiting Iowa-80, so you can get your toolkit stocked up before you go out and hit the road. Iowa-80 is also about the size of a small town, so there’s a good chance you could run into a fun group of people while you’re there resting. Ready to find out more about what makes Iowa-80 a staple for truckers on any trip they take through the Midwest? Go ahead and plan your trip up to this famous truck stop today! 

2: Jubitz Travel Center (Portland, OR) 

The Jubitz Travel Center is another high-quality rest stop for any CDL driver looking for a little bit of R&R on their flatbed trucking journey in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy a fresh, hot shower, a soak in the jacuzzi, and more at this great truck stop. And, if you’ve got a four-legged friend joining you on your drive, there’s also a whole dog washing station just for your pet. After all, they deserve to be pampered, too. When you get hungry, check out the drivers’ lounge where you can enjoy a hot meal from one of the many delicious delis and grills at this truck stop. Then, kick up your feet and look over the picturesque view of Oregon’s Tualatin Mountains. What’s a better way to enjoy your Fourth of July than by watching a beautiful sunset? 

3: Little America (Flagstaff, AZ) 

Are you ready for a restful night’s sleep? Little America has got you covered! But before you hit the showers, go and drop off your flatbed truck at the Rocky Mountain Truck Center. Whether you need a full engine overhaul or just a quick routine maintenance check-up, Little America’s truck center has your back. At the hotel, you’ll find that your room is fully stocked with all the necessary amenities for a traveler, including great internet service and modern bathrooms—each with their own oversized tub. The Little America Grill also has a delicious variety of menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you to choose from, too. And who can pass up on 75 cent ice cream! Before you leave, visit their 24-hour convenience store so you can get your travel kit stocked up for your next big adventure out on the road.  

4: Trail’s Travel Center (Albert Lea, MN)  

Another great stop for any CDL drivers heading up north! Trail’s Travel Center in Albert Lea is the perfect place for anyone looking to fuel up their flatbed, and themselves. While you’re there, you have to check out Skol Tavern for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy a cold glass of beer or mead in front of the woodfire and eat chicken, steak, and more, fresh off the grill at this Viking-themed tavern. And while you’re filling up, you can also take your truck over to the fully stocked semi automotive service center where you can buy any additional parts you might need for your flatbed truck. Not to mention, there’s also a truck wash station. So, when you’re ready to hit the road again, you and your flatbed will be looking (and feeling) good as new.  

5: Whiskey Pete’s (Primm, NV) 

Want the Las Vegas Experience without even having to drive your flatbed truck down the Strip? Whiskey Pete’s has got you covered! This rest stop is great for CDL drivers for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it’s the last place where you can fill up if you are crossing the border between California and Nevada, and the second reason is that there are plenty of slot machines inside. Just don’t get stuck down a gambling rabbit hole and miss the deadline for your shipment. If you’re looking to stop for a few hours, there are some great places to eat while you’re out in Primm that are sure to keep you full and give you a true, western experience that would get Clint Eastwood’s own seal of approval. 

Get Paid to Travel with Roane Transportation 

Are you an adventurer with an insatiable appetite for the open road? An open book who loves to spin a yarn and meet people from all walks of life? Or maybe you’re someone looking for steady, stable work but doesn’t want to have to sit in a cubicle every day for eight hours, only to clock out of the office and repeat it all over again the next day. If any of these sound like you, you might be a perfect fit for Roane Transportation.  

Our transportation company offers local, regional, and national flatbed trucking opportunities for our CDL drivers. So, whether you’re looking for a chance to explore a whole new state, or just a different stretch of our neck of the woods, Roane Transportation has the perfect truck driving job for you. And the best news is you will always have guaranteed home time. So even if you’re out on the road for the Fourth of July weekend, you bet that you will be back home for the following weekend. If you’re interested in applying to drive for any of our transportation services, check out our website today and start your application!