Driver Resources

Resources for Roane Transportation drivers.


If you will not be by the yard to drop off your paperwork, you can send it to the office via Transflo. Remember, we do not need copies of fuel receipts, but you must always send in weigh tickets, any repair receipts, and receipts paid for by an EFS code. Find out how to submit your paperwork via Transflo below.

Contact Information

As a Roane Transportation driver, it’s important that you can reach us when you need to. Here is a list of all the phone and fax numbers you may need.

Main Line

P: 865-354-3288



P: 865-354-3288, ext 1

F: 865-354-4360



P: 865-354-3288 ext. 212, Marilyn Bost

F: 865-354-6521


Human Resources & Safety

P: 865-354-3288 ext. 210, Jeff Kennedy

F: 865-354-6521


Accounts Receivable / Proof of Delivery

P: 865-354-3288 ext. 224

F: 865-354-4358


Accounts Payable / Payroll

P: 865-354-3288 ext. 215

F: 865-354-4358


For customer support through Omnitracs, visit their website.