The term Millennial gets thrown around a lot in current industries and career forecasting. Defining characteristics of a Millennial is that the generation is often considered to be open-minded do-gooders who desire to hold onto some conventional notions while embracing technological advancements. This combination is the for a perfect recipe for a Millennial to enter a career in truck driving.

Millennial Desires in Career Choices

The Millennial generation includes individuals typically born between the early 1980s and 1990s. Research shows that Millennials are slower to marry and form households, possess lofty ideals, and desire flexibility in the workplace. This generation is hesitant to settle down and purchase a home, and instead many have the desire to seek out adventure and travel opportunities. The education of a Millennial is often greater than in previous generations as well, with women outpacing men often in academic completion. Millennials desire flexible work schedules, greater work-life balance, and regular feedback from supervisors. Not without negative connotations, the generation has been labeled as lazy and narcissistic. However, research shows that this generation engulfed in technology may simply be working hard to adapt to rapid technological shifts. Millennials desire to be free from the 8-5 job cycle, seek new experiences, and want to be challenged. Seemingly idealistic, Millennials still desire a regular paycheck, benefits, and are often more than willing to relocate to find the right fit.

Why Truck Driving is A Perfect Career Choice for a Millennial

All of this builds a very strong case that truck driving might just be the perfect career for a Millennial. At a time when the industry is in desperate need of drivers, especially younger drivers, it may be the perfect time to consider a future career driving a truck. The need for truckers is huge, with the average age of drivers nearing closer and closer to retirement levels.

As the Millennial generation is heading towards being dominate in the workforce, the trucking industry has already adapted to the wants and needs of the Millennial. The freight and logistics industries have the ability for flexible schedules, great pay, and, of course, the freedom of the open road. Technological advancements, such as WiFi, digital apps for logging miles, and Satellite equipment, have been in place in many trucks for a while. Many trucking companies also offer exceptional pay and benefits, including sign-on and performance bonuses as well as paid vacations and holidays off.

Considering A Career with Roane Transportation

The trucking career is not what it used to be. Technological advancements, less physical demand, and companies offering shorter routes to ensure drivers are home to their families nightly or on the weekends provide increased attractiveness in the field. The logistics and freight industries have adapted to welcome the next generation of trucker.

Love the open road, listening to podcasts, seeing new locations? Want to work in a career that pays you to do these things? Roane Transportation is currently hiring new professional drivers for national, regional, and local routes today. Driver’s interested in a new role at Roane Transportation should fill out a New Driver Application or call 865-354-3288 for additional questions.