As trucking services across America continue to increase in demand, industry-leading technologies are designed to maximize safety, performance, and uptime. Roane Transportation’s commitment to providing its drivers with the best equipment allows our team to operate your freight more intelligently. Trucking technology continues to make trucking services faster, more reliable, and safer by harnessing technology like navigation, improved idling systems, advanced lighting, and aluminum flatbed trailer floors. If you’re curious as to how trucking technology affects the way you move your goods, here’s some of the tech that’s trusted in the industry to bring down operating and shipping costs, improve air quality, and improve safety on the open road.


Trucking technology has expanded rapidly in its accessibility over the past decade. Truck drivers now have access to cloud-based, Bluetooth, and satellite communication technologies in their rigs. Roane Transportation has drastically enhanced its precision quote capabilities by adopting precision GPS navigation and real-time vehicle monitoring. Modern-day trucking rigs offer real-time updates to headquarters on truck engine statuses, work estimates, and dispatch orders. Flatbed carriers can stay directly connected with our dispatch and logistics teams, making their jobs safer and improving the efficiency and economy of trucking services. When you are depending on a shipment, it has to be on-time. While unforeseen circumstances can and do adversely affect delivery time, knowing exactly where your load is at any given time helps you plan more effectively. GPS tracking also helps alert carriers if there is a problem with a truck on the road and pinpoints their location if they need maintenance in the field.

Routed Aluminum Siderails: DOT Safe Securement

Trucking technology has come a long way when it comes to in-cab features, but it has also made tremendous strides with the actual flatbed trailers themselves. We utilize trailers from top manufacturers that have invested heavily in safety and durability features that make our drivers’ lives easier and that ensure loads are 100% secure. New flatbed trailers offer routed aluminum side rails that are nearly indestructible and make load securement stress-free. DOT regulations require drivers to consistently stop, check, and tighten securement straps to ensure the loads they haul stay put. Our trailers make securing loads simpler, but they also reduce maintenance costs, improve visibility on the road, and keep our fleet DOT compliant.

No-Idle Climate System: Climate Safety 

Flatbed carriers providing a large volume of trucking services such as Roane Transportation choose environmentally conscious technology in their vehicles, such as No Idle-Climate Systems. Technology such as No-Idle Climates helps provide comfort to drivers, while keeping emissions to a minimum. By increasing efficiency and lowering emissions, environmentally responsible equipment helps our company deliver our environment for the next generation of citizens.

Diagnostics: Continuous Monitoring

Computer systems inside modern trucks continue to advance at breakneck speed. Roane Transportation takes advantage of these advances to monitor hundreds of engine components to observe and maintain the trucking fleet. Roane Transportation utilizes sophisticated engine software that safely updates changes in truck health when on the road. Also, smarter technology in our tractors means our drivers and maintenance teams can better track, tune, and maintain vehicles on the road, helping them run at peak performance. Improved uptime in trucking services means our logistics team can predict the arrival time of your shipment more accurately. Potential delays can furthermore be decreased by having the ability to rapidly respond to issues on the road and get your freight moving as quickly as possible.

Advanced Lighting Systems: Safety Reliability 

As a primarily flatbed carrier, Roane Transportation utilizes trailers with the most advanced lighting systems available. Innovations in lighting systems improve safety by increasing the brightness, durability, and corrosion resistance. Brighter lighting ensures that other drivers have the ultimate visibility of our operators, even in adverse weather conditions. By investing in the best flatbed equipment, we ensure that you and our drivers make it home safely to our families at the end of the day. An added bonus of advanced lighting systems ensures that we keep maintenance to a minimum, keeping our trucks on the road longer before they need to have lighting replaced.

Aluminum Flatbed Trailers: Economic 

Traditional trailers were fabricated primarily from steel. However, recent innovations borrowed from the aerospace industry have allowed flatbed trailer manufacturers to produce them almost entirely out of aluminum alloys. Friction stir welded aluminum floors offer trailers reduced weight while increasing strength. This means better fuel mileage and reduced tire wear for our fleet. By investing in technology that helps Roane Transportation be more efficient, we can pass those savings on to our valued customers.

Trucking Services: Roane Transportation  

Roane Transportation, a trucking services company based in Rockwood, TN, believes in giving our drivers the best possible equipment available on the road today. Our belief is that by having second-to-none equipment, our drivers will be safer and more efficient. Additionally, our customers will benefit by having accurate orders delivered on time, and drivers we share the road with will also be more reliable. If you’re a professional truck driver looking for better hours, better pay, and better trucking technology from your career, we encourage you to fill out a driver application for immediate consideration. Shippers looking for reliable transportation, warehousing, or logistic services can contact us online, by calling (865) 354-3288, or by emailing today. We look forward to serving you!