Today, April 20, 2020, the world is an entirely different place from what it was just a month ago. The vast majority of the world is on a suggested or mandatory lock-down. Businesses have been shuttered for weeks on end resulting in staggering new unemployment claims. Hospitals are running out of necessities they need to care for everyone. It’s a scary time, but it’s also a time of great opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

While Americans in many states stay safer at home to curb the spread of coronavirus, Roane Transportation will continue to keep its drivers employed, well-supported, and on the road to ensure that deliveries of vital resources continue.  

Truck Drivers: More Important than Ever

Emergency shopping runs on stores with barren shelves remind us all just how important the work of truck drivers in America truly is. Two-thirds of all freight moved in the nation travels by way of the tractor-trailer, equating to a massive 10 billion tons of cargo a year. As transportation and logistics specialists, we work to ensure that all the essential resources people depend on are delivered when they are needed.

Truck Drivers: Busier than Ever

In mid-March, the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced a suspension of hours-of-service rules for truck drivers carrying food for emergency restocking of stores, emergency supplies, and medical supplies and equipment. This move to keep truckers on the road and the economy functioning means that truckers are seeing many more hours than before the coronavirus outbreak.  While drivers must still stop driving if they feel drowsy and take a minimum 10-hour break after making emergency deliveries, they are still rushing to meet the heightened demand for necessary cargo.

Always Looking for Solid Members

Drivers looking for hot lanes in Tennessee choose Roane Transportation to stay closer to family and retain those precious weekends. We run paths statewide and to several cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, and Lexington, giving our drivers the ability to drop and swap loads closer to home. If you’re looking for a new driving opportunity with a company that cares deeply for its clients and team members, coupled with a stellar team and award-winning benefits, visit our Driver Jobs page to apply to drive for Roane Transportation.

Contact Roane Transportation

As we continue to adapt to COVID-19 across the globe, we want you to know the Roane Transportation team is here to support you. We realize the importance of serving our valued clients and customers through American supply chain continuity. As an essential service provider, Roane Transportation will continue its part in keeping America running. Shippers with questions can reach Roane Transportation during our usual hours online or at 865-354-3288.