Our interviews with Roane Transportation employees have meant so much to their family, friends, and to others who genuinely want to know about life as a trucker or a part of the transportation industry. With these interviews, we have decided to take you even deeper into the workings of our company, with those who are truly behind the scenes ensuring our daily activities are maintained. For this interview, we talked with Jennifer Webb, who is the head of Customer Service and Brokerage at Roane Transportation.

How did you get started working with Roane Transportation?

I began to work with Roane Transportation when I heard that there was an opening within the company, and then went to apply. All went well in that interview because I was hired! I had not previously worked in transportation before, and so it was new to me. Prior to this job, I had worked in financing with a loan company.

What are your favorite things about working there?

At Roane Transportation, you are truly treated like part of a family. Never are you made to feel like you are part of a machine, or a number. It is an amazing place to work, and everyone works to treat each other with respect. I have enjoyed working in the financial part of the business, as I am able to help others out. When a company or an individual truck driver needs a load, I can provide the necessary details in order to make it happen. We also have a lot of loads that need to be brokered, and a load board is used in office to keep track of all the process.

How long have you worked in customer service/brokerage with Roane?

I currently have two and a half years of experience working here. This Halloween, it will be three years, as I was hired right on the holiday.

What do you like about the work that you do?

The best part about the work that I do is that it remains a team effort. This is true not only in the brokerage department, but across the entire company. Everyone steps in to help each other, when needed. We often help the truckers, getting help from local transport if someone has not arrived, or getting truckers their numbers. Our goal as a company is to ensure that the truck drivers get to their destination and home in a safe manner. Team effort, not just brokerage, helps out with truckers as well.

What is the most challenging part of your job?  

Honestly, there is not too much that causes stress or is very challenging. We have established our routines, and everything runs pretty smoothly from day-day.

Outside of your job, what do you enjoy doing?

When the work day is finished, you can find me at home cleaning, cooking, and doing yard work. I spend much of my time doing domestic home duties. But, on the weekends, we go out on the lake in our bass boat with our friends and family.  The lake is one of my favorite places to be. At home, though, in an ideal situation with all the things at home and work taken care of, my favorite thing to do is read.

What is your family-life like?

I have three children, two are grown and one is younger. One of my oldest is in the Marines, the other is married, while my youngest child is 10 years old and loves to play video games.

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At Roane Transportation, we take pride in our employees.  Our team works together to make the day-to-day process of our industry run smoothly.  If you are looking for a transportation company with great values and integrity reach out to us today!

Roane Transportation employee Jennifer Webb and family Roane Transportation employee Jennifer Webb and family