There have never been more options for on-the-road entertainment, and sorting through the over 2 million podcasts worldwide can be a daunting task for truckers. If you’re looking for your next great listening binge, but have no idea where to start, we have a few ideas for you. Below we cover the top trucker podcasts, and some generally most-loved podcasts for truckers who want a break from shop talk.

Top Trucking Podcasts

If you want to stay on top of the latest developments in the trucking industry, here are a few of our favorite podcasts. Some runners up include “What the Truck?!?” and “An American Truck Driver.”

Talk CDL: By truckers for truckers, this podcast covers the latest developments in the industry and constantly surveys truckers to figure out what is keeping you up at night. Hosts Troy and Ruthann keep it light (and often hilarious) while keeping you informed. Many of their episodes center on the relationship between truckers and trucking companies.

The Lead Pedal: A business podcast for truckers, “The Lead Pedal” specifically targets topics that can help truck drivers advance their careers and improve their business models. It covers trends in the transportation industry and its twice-a-week format keeps the information timely and relevant.   

Red Eye Radio: A full radio station aimed at long-haul truck drivers on the road from midnight to 5 am. Its podcast, “The Extra Mile” is available on-demand and often hosts guest to answer the most pressing questions in the trucking industry.

Trucker Dump:This podcast presents true-life trucker stories and product reviews, safety tips and services for truckers. It strives to be a humorous and truthful take on long-haul trucking, presented by a trucker with two decades of experience.

Trucking After Hours: Previously called “The Trucking Podcast,” this podcast presents a father-and-son hosting team who both have trucking experience. This is a show for people who love the truck itself and are looking for tips and tricks of the trade like finding freight, job opportunities and negotiating with brokers.

Journalism Podcasts

Podcasts began as radio shows gone digital and some of the originals are still the most popular. Here are a few podcasts that use unique storytelling to cover a range of topics.

This American Life: Arguably the world’s most recognizable podcast, “This American Life,” isn’t just for NPR fans. Each week, hosts choose a theme and tell three stories relating to it. Some episodes depict deeply personal stories while others focus on science or current events. With over 600 episodes, if you enjoy this podcast it will last you a long time.

Radiolab: “Radiolab” is a podcast for the curious. Episodes typically take a deep dive into science questions and the world’s weirdness through interviews and thought experiments. Originally a radio show that began in 2002, this podcast has hundreds of episodes available.

Reply All: Originally billed as “A podcast about the internet,” “Reply All” has morphed into a podcast that discusses technology and how we use it — for better or worse — in modern life. It almost always has a unique take on how the internet and its various elements have changed human behavior.

Celebrity & Comedy Podcasts

There are no shortage of talk show and celebrity podcasts, but not everyone can make the jump to this format. Here are a few who do it well.

The Joe Rogan Experience: Unapologetic and sometimes controversial, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is one of the world’s top podcasts. It takes a classic talk show format with comedian, actor and martial artist Joe Rogan at its center. Its guests range widely, and there are over 1,000 episodes.

Armchair Expert: Simultaneously self-deprecating and overconfident, actor Dax Shepard hosts this humorous podcast, again in a talk show format. Shepard references his journey to sobriety for commentary and brings guests from every walk of life for episodes that can be poignant, hilarious and educational. 

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: This podcast is like “Late Night,” but without any censors. Conan O’Brian centers the podcast around the premise that he never made celebrity friends while hosting his TV show and is now trying to go deeper while also getting more laughs out of everyone.

True Crime Podcasts  

True crime podcasts are many people’s entry into the medium, like a documentary in sound form only. These podcasts are often binge-worthy and keep you guessing until the last episode. If you get hooked on the genre, other favorites include “My Favorite Murderer,” “Casefile” and “Up and Vanished.”

Serial: The aptly named “Serial” was a sensation when it first came out several years ago. Each season follows a different true-life story with an unsolved mystery at its center. Listeners discover clues and intrigue seemingly alongside your host, wondering who committed the murder or whether the papers really got the story straight.

S-Town: This podcast is a sort of spin-off of serial, with much of the same format. The limited series follows a story of a man who hates his hometown and suspects a local celebrity of murder. The investigation gets complicated quickly with another murder and the complications of small-town living. (If you like it, try their next limited podcast “The Trojan Horse Affair.”)

Crime Junkie Podcast: Hosts Ashley and Brit love true crime, and they will make you love it too. This podcast is a true crime staple, with each week devoted to a new mystery or unsolved crime, both cold and current.  

Sports Podcasts

ESPN lovers will rejoice to hear some of their favorite voices over the radio waves. Here are some of the most popular podcasts diving deep into all things sports.

Pardon My Take: Loud and entertaining, just like the games themselves, this sports talk show is a crowd favorite for truck drivers and any sports fan. Episodes air three times a week, so you never fall behind on the latest game in any arena.

Mike & Mike: ESPN veterans Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic come together on a podcast to argue entertainingly about everything new in player lineups, strategies and team strengths across all American sports.   

First Take: Stephen A. Smith takes to the radio waves exactly as you would expect, debating his co-host Max Kellerman on the latest sports developments in this daily podcast version of their TV show.  

Thought-Provoking Podcasts

Science, business and history podcasts abound to help you learn anything you want to know about the world as your truck takes in the miles.

Freakonomics Radio: From the author of the best-selling books, this podcast uses economics to explain cultural phenomenon from drug use to politics to sports strikes. It’s a light and entertaining take on how money makes the world go ‘round in 45 minutes every week.

Hidden Brain: If you like “Radio Lab,” you’ll love “Hidden Brain.” Host Shankar Vedantam makes psychology simple but fascinating, exploring why we do everything we do from procrastination to doubting ourselves to how we describe ourselves and our lives.

Revisionist History: Non-fiction superstar author Malcom Gladwell brings his talents to history in this podcast about taking a second look at events and people you thought you know. His insights and storytelling will make you even more curious about history.

You’re Wrong About…: This weekly podcast takes a look major historical events that have gotten simplified or misrepresented in the retelling and changes your viewpoint. If you love a good surprise or mind-bending take on history, this is the podcast for you.

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