Truck driving is more of an encompassing lifestyle, rather than a career. Solitude, freedom, and flexibility are guaranteed parts of the job. As, Eleanor Roosevelt stated, “with great freedom comes great responsibility.” This is true when living the OTR life, as the freedoms are present as is the responsibility associated with the freedom of the road.

Daily Routine of a Truck Driver

Driving from destination to destination on the open road is attractive and part of what draws over 3.5 million people into trucking jobs. Most truck drivers log about 500 miles per day and 125,000 miles annually*. Schedules may include driving for 70 hours/week and then being off for 34 hours*. Traditionally, an 11-hour maximum limit is set for the amount of time a driver can be on the road per day. Many truck drivers prefer to start their day early, as specific OTR hours are not usually set. Truckers communicate to each other frequently and often established friendships are present among the drivers of American freight. Stopping in a new city can afford a chance to explore, grab dinner at a new restaurant, or a quiet rest in new scenery. Most rigs now have WiFi for truckers to stay in communication with loved ones while away. Truck stops are welcome stops, as they are well-established locations for truckers to convene, take a hot shower, and have a home-style meal.

Trucks Worth Driving

Modern trucks at Roane Transportation are equipped with amenities like those in an apartment including wireless, a refrigerator, power inverters, and AM/FM/XM Satellite Radio. Seats are designed for comfort, with extra attention given to supporting alertness and the driver’s anatomy. Roane trucks have 10 speed transmissions, 500 horsepower, 12.7 Detroit engines, and power steering and windows. Qualcomm Satellite systems come equipped with ELD and the 53ft aluminum spread-axle trailers are by Reitnouer, Mac, and Fontaine. Trucks are being specialized more and more, including luxury style-sleeper cabs for long-haul truckers.

Roane Transportation in East Tennessee

Roane Transportation drivers have excellent reviews of our company. It is common to hear that we are one of the favorite companies to work for in the industry. We remain one of the highest paying trucking companies in the Southeast. If you are interested in applying for a career with us, the requirements, benefits, and more can be found on our drivers page. We have options for national, regional, and local fleets and provide an additional $1,000.00 sign-on bonus for new OTR company drivers!

*These are averages and do not necessarily reflect Roane’s drivers’ schedules or preferences.