Roane Transportation was created in 1996 by four operators of a scrap metal processor who were experiencing difficulty accessing enough outsourced trucking to assist their operations.  Operations of the newly created transportation firm started out with two semi-trucks and dump trailers.

In the beginning, Roane Transportation only hauled end dump material, but as the market began to change, so did our opportunities.  We continued to respond to new opportunities by adding qualified personnel, additional equipment, and updating our facilities.  As our customer base grew and their need for flatbed and van services did as well, Roane Transportation added flatbed and van equipment to our fleet and services.  By 1999, a fifth partner had been onboarded to oversee and expand Roane Transportation’s operations.

Our services continued to expand with each new opportunity.  In 2001, we added Pneumatic Tankers for Dry Bulk commodities, and our fleet size was up to 30 units.  By 2003, we had purchased an 18 acre site in the Roane County Industrial Park with 70,000 square feet of warehousing space and a 10 car NS rail siding to move operations to.

Seeing a need for our customers, we added warehousing and transloading to-and-from the railroad.  This opportunity proved challenging, but by the end of 2003 we had become successful in both industries.

Now in 2018, we have continued to diversify our fleet and services.  Our fleet is now 100+ units, and we continue to strive for excellent, personal services, at competitive rates with a broad range of customers.  We have been very fortunate for each opportunity that has crossed our past thus far.  Through our most valuable asset, our dedicated workforce, Roane Transportation is a successful transportation, warehousing, and logistics provider.

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