Truck drivers spend long hours on the road and have to think about and manage a lot of different things at once. In addition to finding the best route to get them to their destination, truckers also need to be able to find food and fuel along the way. They need to keep track of the weather and ever-changing road conditions, and they need to manage paperwork and keep up with their driving logs. These are just a few of the many concerns that go through a truck driver’s mind. The good news is there are so many smartphone apps available to help truck drivers manage all of this. However, because there are so many options, we know it can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to figure out which ones are best for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most helpful apps for truck drivers to choose from.


Drivewyze helps truck drivers save time and stay on schedule. This app alerts truckers when they are two miles away from weigh stations and inspection sites. CDL drivers can also use the app to send weigh station bypass requests. Drivewyze provides bypasses for over 600 inspection sites in 36 states. Bypassing these sites can save a lot of time while on the road, and the app’s inspection notifications help keep truckers alert and safe, improving CSA scores.

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools is an app created by Overdrive, and it does a little bit of everything. It is advertised as the most accurate truck stop guide and offers up-to-date fuel prices, live traffic, weather updates, and step-by-step directions. The app can help you find rest stops and weigh stations, and it even has a message board and load tracker. Trucker Tools is great for helping truck drivers plan their routes and stay updated on the latest information.

Trucker Path

This app is one of the most popular apps for truckers and has been downloaded by over 550,000 CDL drivers. Trucker Path allows truck drivers to share up-to-date information with one another on an interactive map. The app lets drivers know if weigh stations are open or closed, where they can find parking or truck stops, how much fuel costs at different stations, and more. 


iExit uses your location to let you know what’s coming up at each interstate exit. Truck drivers can easily find truck-friendly businesses and see gas prices at different exits. Fuel, lodging, stores, food, healthcare services, repair centers, truck parking, and more can be located using this app. iExit can be useful for truckers to know if they should wait until the next town to fill up or if the exit has food places that offer truck parking.


Waze is known as one of the best apps for providing up-to-date alerts about traffic and hazardous conditions. The interactive map provides details about exactly what lies ahead on your route and can suggest an alternate route to avoid obstacles. This app is community-based, which means other drivers submit real-time updates about changes in road conditions. Some of the alerts you can receive through Waze include police presence, traffic jams, accidents, and road debris. This can help truck drivers avoid road hazards and stay on schedule.

Storm Shield

This app provides weather alerts for your exact location. A storm can be very dangerous for CDL drivers, so they need to stay aware of local weather conditions and severe weather alerts in their area. Storm Shield tracks storm conditions and offers voice notifications so that you can be alerted of severe weather without looking at your phone while driving. Knowing about impending bad weather before it hits can help keep truck drivers safe while on the road.

Calorie Counter by Lose It!

This app allows you to keep track of the calories you eat to help you stay fit or lose weight, even while you’re on the road. Truck drivers spend a lot of time sitting in their trucks and tend to eat a lot of fast food, so it can be difficult to reach fitness goals. Calorie Counter by Lose It! lets you track your food and exercise so you can stay within your daily calorie budget. The app has a barcode scanner to help you easily add nutritional information from food labels. It can also connect you to a weight loss community to support you in your fitness and weight loss goals. This app is great for helping truckers stay healthy while they are on the road.

Cost Per Mile

The Cost Per Mile app helps truck drivers figure out their cost of operations per mile. CDL drivers can enter all their expenses, and the app will calculate their cost per mile for them. This is much quicker and easier than doing these calculations by hand, saving you precious time.


When you are a truck driver on the road, it can be difficult to keep track of all your paperwork and receipts. This app lets truckers scan their documents and then save them on their devices or in the cloud. Documents can then be easily emailed or faxed to anyone who needs them. This is a simple way for CDL drivers to keep track of all their important documents while on the road.


BigRoad provides a great way for truck drivers to keep a digital logbook to track hours of service. This reduces much of the human error that results from written logbooks because it does the calculations for you. This app will alert you of any errors or violations so that you can fix them to avoid fines. Using BigRoad can save truckers a lot of time and headache while they are on the road.

This app allows truck drivers to listen to over 125,000 books—8,000 of which are free. The app also provides access to over 700,000 podcasts. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts makes time pass much more quickly for truckers who spend long hours on the road. It’s also a great way to help you stay awake and alert while you are driving.

FleetSafer Mobile

It can be tempting to look at your phone when you hear a text alert but checking your phone for even a few seconds while on the road can have deadly consequences. FleetSafer Mobile is an app to help truck drivers get rid of the temptation to look at their phone while driving. It turns off email and text notifications while you are driving and can automatically respond with “I’m driving” so that people know that you are unable to answer. This app can help truckers be as safe and alert as possible while on the road.

Rolling Strong

This app focuses on improving the health and wellness of professional truck drivers. Rolling Strong provides truckers with exercises and meal plans to help them stay healthy while on the road. Truck drivers who try to remain active and eat healthier will have better overall health and wellness, and that is what this app tries to achieve.


Truck drivers have a lot going on and have to keep track of many responsibilities. This app can help truckers manage their time while transporting loads. Wunderlist lets you create to-do lists and set reminders to help you stay on top of everything you need to do.

CoPilot Truck Navigation

This app provides truck drivers with a voice-activated GPS to help them efficiently and safely navigate on the road. CDL drivers can use the app to plan their route, avoid traffic, and steer clear of low bridges and truck-restricted roads. CoPilot helps truck drivers get their loads delivered on time with precise ETAs and the most efficient routes.

Weigh My Truck

Truckers can use the Weigh My Truck app to reduce time spent at weigh stations. When you are on a CAT Scale, the app will locate which scale you are on and sync to your online account to add to your history. Truck drivers can pay for their weight through the app without having to leave their truck. This saves truck drivers a lot of time at weigh stations and helps streamline the process.

White Noise

Truck drivers sometimes have to sleep at unusual hours, especially when they drive at night and stop to sleep during the day. This app can help truckers fall asleep and get better quality sleep while on long drives. White Noise has a relax mode that can help truck drivers unwind and get in the mindset for sleep, and it has many different sounds to choose from to block out sound to help you fall asleep. The app also includes alarms that wake you up gently so you can feel refreshed, alert, and ready to drive.

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