Over the past few weeks, the daily lives of many Americans may have been altered due to the coronavirus; however, behind the scenes our nation’s transportation industry has continued to work to ensure deliveries are made and goods are received. Roane Transportation would like to recognize and thank our drivers and transportation team members for their diligent work during this time.

On the Road

We’ll start by extending a big thank you to our drivers, as well as to truck drivers across the country. Truck drivers have been among those risking their personal health and doing the hard work to keep industries and products moving. Each of you played an important role in keeping our nation running through a time of uncertainty. From delivering to grocery and super stores to stocking warehouses and supplying other industries with materials, your dedication kept our country moving and worked to ensure companies had what they needed to keep serving their customers and clients.

From the Dispatch Room

We’d also like to thank those who work in the transportation industry from the logistical side. Our own dispatch team worked tirelessly to keep the supply chain moving, and we know there were many others who were in the same boat as us.  You are appreciated for being a driving force and support system for our drivers, enabling them to stay on the road.

Trucking Support Systems

Another thank you to maintenance and repair technicians, warehouse workers, and truck stop and rest area employees! Your continued hard work and support during this time did not go unseen. Thank you for enabling trucking operations to continue, and because you were working, our team could rest assured that our drivers and trucks were safe, and any needs were met while they were gone.

Thank You to the Industry

The trucking industry has always been a key player in keeping our economy and supply chains moving, and when faced with crisis, those working in the industry continued to shine. Thank you to each of you for your hard work and dedication to your jobs and our country.

From all of us at Roane Transportation, we’re proud of you and want to thank you again for all you do!