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Trust Roane Transportation with Your Trucking Needs.
Roane Transportation in East Tennessee operates a well maintained and state of the art fleet of trucks to handle a variety of shipping needs, including traditional van services, as well as, cross dock, flatbed, and oversized loads. Additionally, we’ve been in business for over 20 years, giving us the expert ability to offer consultation on the best methods and equipment to move your goods. Through our combination of a diverse fleet of equipment and material handling services, we offer a complete distribution package to handle any size shipment you may require.
  • Flatbed

Roane Transportation is a premier carrier and operator for flatbed freight. We employ flatbed trucks for multi-functional shipping that requires an open deck design. Because of our long-standing experience in flatbed shipping, our highly skilled drivers are extensively trained and well-versed in flatbed freight handling.
A few advantages of flatbed shipping:
– Ample pick-up and delivery opportunities
– Easier freight loading and unloading
– Ability to ship freight outside normal truck dimensions
– Able to use heavy equipment such as cranes to load/unload

Roane Transportation is a highly experienced flatbed trucking company that offers 48×102 flatbed trailers capable of handling payloads up to 50,000 pounds. We also offer Conestoga flatbeds for high cube loads.

Cross Dock

Cross-docking, or unloading inbound semi-trailer trucks and then reloading materials into an outbound truck or trailer, is widely used primarily in the retail sector. As a premier logistics company with LTL operations, we offer cross docking to reduce storage costs and increase the overall efficiency of your shipping.
A few advantages of cross-docking include:

– Reduced labor costs by decreasing inventory handling
– Your products reach your customer faster
– Streamlined supply chain
– Reduced warehousing costs

Need warehousing services in between shipments instead? Check our warehousing service for storage until your outbound shipment is complete and ready to ship.


Van shipping is the most common form of freight transportation the world over. As a premier transportation provider, Roane Transportation moves hundreds of tons of cargo with our dry van shipping services every day. Dry van shipping is an exceptionally convenient and versatile when considering shipping methods. We offer both full-truckload and LTL shipments and allow you to schedule custom pick-up and delivery specifications for full-truckloads. For customers looking to lower their shipping prices, LTL shipments offer additional cost savings due to freight consolidation.
Why you should choose Roane Transportation as your van trucking company:

– 48′ and 53′ air-ride dry vans available
– Fast cargo load and unload process
– Less expensive and more flexible than other shipping options
– Superb Freight Security

In addition to standard 53-foot dry van trailers which offer a capacity of 26 standard pallets or 45,000 lbs., our trucking fleet also offers air ride van and pad wrap vans for shipping materials and equipment that can’t be stacked on a pallet. Contact a commercial shipping account manager today to discuss the best method of transporting your cargo. Whether your shipping non-perishable goods, textiles, building material, machinery or any other type of consumer goods, you can count on our drivers to deliver your cargo safely and on time.

Oversized Loads

Some equipment, machinery, or cargo is so big that it requires a specialized transport company to ship. Roane Transportation has a wealth of experience in shipping “outside the box” for cargo that won’t fit the normal shipping parameters. We offer oversized shipping for your heavy hauls or wide loads and can apply our many years of over-dimensional shipping to tackle the toughest logistic problems. Roane Transportation is a qualified carrier to move your overweight, oversized loads to anywhere in the continental 48 or Canada.
What you can count on with Roane Transportation for your oversized load hauling:

– Custom oversized solutions
– Escorts and permits provided
– Interstate transport regulations observed
– Knowledgeable team able to adapt and react to new situations

With an advanced fleet of heavy haul trailers, we can efficiently move loads of the most extreme dimensions and weights up to 360,000 lbs.

USA Trucking Services

Roane Transportation is a shipping company that knows its truck trailers and wants to help you find the best option for hauling your load to ensure the best freight costs for your company. With over 100+ trucking units in our fleet, we’re confident we can solve your toughest logistic and shipping needs. Because we’ve been in the business for many years, we can remove the burden of finding out the best fit for your shipping needs by helping you form a complete freight hauling solution at the most competitive rates.

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